Unveiling Bingo History

Bingo is known to have originated from Italy. It was utilized by the Italians as a form of lottery, known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. It was in 1530 when it was first played. It was played in exactly the same manner it is played today.

Bingo is also linked to a game referred to as “beno”. In the early twentieth century, this game was played mostly at carnivals in Europe. Players used beans to mark their cards, and a player was to shout “beno” if all his numbers are successfully covered, which indicates that he wins the game.

In the year 1929, Ed Lowe, a curious toy maker, heard about this in Europe. From then on, he decided to give it a try and made his own bingo pieces. While playing this game with other people, a winner shouted and said “bingo” instead of “beno”. Thereafter, Lowe named the game bingo, which until now it is known.

Unveiling Bingo History

For every people who used the name bingo, there’s a corresponding dollar that Lowe charged. And with that, he became very wealthy. However, patenting bingo games was unfortunately not a success in later years. But the credit still remained with Lowe in bringing the most in-demand game in America.

By the year 1935, as it was reported in the New York Times, all Americans became game minded. The game bingo had been a hit across the country. Its simple method (wherein the player to first cover five numbers can be declared as a winner) became a hit. It was developed by creating several patterns or by marking all the numbers on the card.

Now you don’t have to leave your house in order to catch up with your bingo fixation. There are today numerous bingo sites popping online that have grown to be very in demand. You can have the chance to play with people all over the globe and can win great prizes and real cash.