Rules in Bingo That You Need to Know

Bingo is a game that can be easily learned offline or online. And just like any other kind of game, you only need to familiarize the rules of bingo and adhere to it. Plus, there are lots of variations of the game that are presently available online, where most rules need more lenient interpretation.

In playing bingo, especially online, it is important that you are aware of its rules and regulations. To help you with that, here are the rules that you should learn that particularly apply to 70- and 90-ball bingo games:

Rules in Bingo That You Need to Know
  • Each player must purchase at least one ticket, but a player is allowed to play as many tickets as desired. Each ticket is played individually and can’t be combined with another.
  • The 70-ball ticket has 5×5 grid division and has random numbers printed on it. The center cell is blank always. In 90-ball bingo, the ticket has nine columns and three rows. There are cells filled with randomly generated numbers, while a few have blank spaces.
  • There are 75–90 balls that have a single number from 1–75 or 1–90 printed on every ball. These balls will be spun around and will be randomly selected. The announcer will announce the number of the ball, or the number will be displayed on the screen for online bingo players.
  • If the announced or displayed number is present on a player’s ticket, the player shall strike it off using a pen (for bingos played in halls) or with a cursor (for electronic play).
  • The first player who can complete a pattern will be declared the winner. But to be considered the winner, said player needs to shout out the word “bingo” before the next number is called. The game then continues until another player shouts “bingo”.
  • If a certain player commits a false or wrong “bingo” claim, he will forfeit his card and the game will continue until there is a correct call.
Rules in Bingo That You Need to Know

Now, you have learned the basic rules in playing bingo. No matter what the medium or variant of the game is, the rules stay as they are, and the same rules apply to all bingo players not only in the UK but also all over the world.